Healing and Reconnective Massages on Ibiza

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Keeping Your Wellbeing Sacred

The healing touch of Elysia’s massages is a magical way to keep your wellbeing sacred.
Ofcourse massage helps you to release tension in the muscles and unwind your mind. But it really does so much more.

Massage can help you establish a deeper connection to your self on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. You will feel more inner peace, energized, free, and more love for your self. And above all….your body is your temple and withholds deep wisdom. If you tune in, your body will give you the keys you need about how you are doing, what feels good and what doesn’t. It’s like a compass from where you can take action which serves you the best.

I would like to invite you for this healing experience and book one of her treatments to align and re-connect body, mind and soul. Just email connect@elysia-ibiza.com or call +34 612 538 308 to be in touch for information or bookings. Testimonials you can find here.

Elysia is based on the beautiful Ibiza. You can visit us in Santa Eulalia, Santa Gertrudis or Ibiza. Or choose for the luxury of a session at your place.

Sessions available

Your body is a temple. Your wellbeing is sacred. To honour yourself you can book the following treatments:


If you are a resident on the island you get €10 discount on every treatment.

Bookings and information: connect@elysia-ibiza.com or call +34 612 538 308.


Private massage workshops for 2 or 4


A beautiful and unforgettable experience at your place. You and your partner or friend(s) will learn the essentials (posture, mindset, techniques) of a back (1 x 5 hours) or full body massage (2 x 5 hours).

This workshop is open to everyone who loves massage and who would like to experience a deeper sense of relaxation and connection. And no worries, previous massage experience is not necessary. You will give and receive massages, what makes it a complete experience. Feel very welcome to contact us for information and requests: WhatsApp + 34 612  538 308 or connect@elysia-ibiza.com.

Party's and events: luxury massages

Elysia offers luxury massages at party's and events in coöperation with the best masseuses of the white Isle with pure and magical touch. Your guests will have a deep experience of relaxation and happiness. We are dressed in style if we use oil we use only the best and organic .There are different options, for example walking around giving people 10 minute head-neck-shoulder-massage, feet massage or we can bring our tables to provide complete relaxation. If you have any ideas we are open to discuss the possibilities and make them possible. An addition of true value, one your guests will appreciate and will not forget! Contact us by WhatsApp + 34 612  538 308 or connect@elysia-ibiza.com



At “Elysia” we use a combination of western, holistic and Chinese pressure point massage techniques and an intuitive approach. Our belief is that by using touch and treating the spirit and body as one, you create a greater connection to your inner self.

Our sessions help you to gain awareness and consciousness of the body, mind and soul. Your body gives important signals and sensations. As you learn to become more aware and recognise their meaning, this can give one great strength and focus in directing your life. You are then able to choose what feels right instinctively from within instead of reacting to external influences. This results in living a healthier and happier existence giving the experience of true freedom.


Elise Brand (Massage therapist and energyworker) founder of “Elysia”.
Email: connect@elysia-ibiza.com
WhatsApp: + 34 612  538 308

Communicating with the Fascia
Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage
Classic Swedish Massage
Meridian Massage
Lomi Lomi Temple Massage
Prenatal Massage
Bodywork Element Fire - Activating Life force energy
Psychology in Practice (coaching)
Nutrition Teaching, Academy for Chinese Medicine Qingbai
Reiki 1,2,3

Ibiza Healing Guide

Elysia is proud to be mentioned in the Ibiza Healing guide.