Distant Healing

A beautiful way to get energized, feel more inner peace, get clarity, support and love in only 20 minutes. No matter where you are, distant healing is always possible. Elysia offers distant healing from the Island of Ibiza for people all over the world. You can book a session by WhatsApp +34612538308  or email connect@elysia-ibiza.com. Elysia is happy to provide more information if you have any questions.


What can a distant healing do for you?
We always work with an intention you set for your healing. Examples are:

  • Feeling more balanced and energized

  • Unwinding the mind

  • Having more clarity about where to go in life

  • Feeling more loved

  • Loosen tension and experience more inner peace during a stressful time  

  • Letting go of negative emotions, such as anger, sadness or fear

  • Feeling supported in a challenging situation

  • Receiving more inspiration

  • Feeling more confident

  • Increase of connection to yourself
    and there are many more...

What happens?
Before our appointment we talk about your intention and set it. You lay down comfortably in a quiet place.  I focus on you through your name and photo and visualize you before me. As I tune in on your situation the intuitive healing starts. Sometimes I channel a message, sometimes I don’t. Afterwards we share what we both experienced.

1 session 20 minutes : €22
3 sessions 20 minutes: €55 (also possible that you divide the sessions between you and friends. So each person one session)

 Email of WhatsApp +34612538308 Elysia for bookings or more information.