Private and Group Guided Meditations: Center Yourself

Start you new and beautiful day by centering and raising your vibration with a beautiful meditation! It's a magical way to get the best out of your day - leaving you feeling re-connected to your inner self, calm, focused, fresh, more present in your body and energized.

Elysia’s Meditation is a very effective way to re-connect to your self, especially when you do it early in the morning. Every-thing you will do that day you will do from your center. You will become aware of the sensations in your body. From this clarity you will flow the best you can flow during that day.

I invite you to book this wonderful experience : a Private or Group Guided Meditation session
Bookings: + 34 612 538 308 or
I work on retreats on Ibiza, and also do private and group homevisits on the island.

About Elysia’s mediation
Elysia's meditation will be a one-hour inner journey where you tune in to your body and energy in a profound way, centering, opening your heart and emptying your mind.
The meditation consists of different exercises with subtle movements - sitting, standing, moving, deep breathing, tuning into your body and awakening your awareness.
Step-by-step, you will feel a deeper sense of inner connection and relaxation.

About Elysia
The intuitive and sensitive Elysia is a massage therapist on the White Isle. Her daily meditation practices are inspired by Chinese medicine, qigong meditation, vipassana and her life experience.

Her intention with these meditation sessions is to give you an experience of deep relaxation, connection and more awareness of the messages your body is communicating to you.