Keeping your wellbeing sacred: nutrition coaching


The way you eat, and think about what you eat is essential to stay healthy. It effects, your mind. your energy and happiness, and enables you to do the things you really love to do. No doubt, your food and attitude towards it are important keys to keeping your wellbeing sacred.

Are your eating habits serving you?

  • Does your food energize you?

  • Does your way of eating help  to increase your health and stay healthy?

  • Are you satisfied with your body at this moment?

  • Do you have positive thoughts about what you eat?

Is “NO” the answer to any of this questions? Then Elysia’s nutrition coaching will definitely help you to have more energy, achieve healthy habits, a body you adore and positive thoughts about your food.

The nutrition consultation is dedicated to a healthier diet, feeling good about what you eat and putting you in your power. For more information or bookings +34 612 538 308 or

 Your nutrition consultation with Elysia
During your first nutrition consult we will:

  • take a look your current eating pattern. From there I will give you some important suggestions to achieve your goal with an adjusted diet.

  • explore your relation with food and your beliefs and practice beliefs which serve you

  • discover your conscious and unconscious mindset about the food you eat and practice a more positive mindset. You will be proud of what you eat and enjoy the deliciousness of your food.

As a gift you will receive a 7 day breakfast recipe book

To really change your pattern and have a stronger result you need more time. That’s why follow-up consultations are recommended.

First consultation 75 minutes 95 euro
1 follow up 30 minutes: 50 euro
3 follow ups: 120 euro

1 follow up 60 minutes: 75 euro
3 follow ups 60 minutes: 180 euro

Bookings and information: or call +34 612 538 308.