July 2019

“ Oh my goodness, Elysia has magical and healing hands! I've never experienced such a gentle, soothing, calming, yet extremely powerful healing! Using her incredibly strong intuition, she tuned in to exactly what I needed in each session. With each hand placement and movement, past memories returned along with buried emotions which I'd held a long time. I was able to gently release them, held in a kind and loving space. Many tears were released - of both sadness and gratitude. Elysia really 'holds' you with gentle kindness. It was such a beautiful experience. Afterwards I felt lighter and free and as we discussed what I'd felt and what she had sensed, I realised I had had a huge emotional shift.

I'm so grateful to have met this beautiful angel and I will definitely be booking more treatments! I would highly recommend Elysia's healing sessions for anyone who wants to experience an hour of blissful relaxation and emotional release.”


June 2019

“Dear Elysia, unexpectedly received a wonderful massage from you on my birthday. How wonderful to receive this from you. I enjoyed your touch that was intense. You attuned to my body and needs and you felt exactly what my body needed. You are a professional woman and a fantastic beautiful person inside and out. Thank you for this unforgettable experience. Much love, Maike”


april 2019

“Wonderful relaxation massage. Elysia gently focussed on the parts where the energy was blocked. Which made me feel my blood circulation improve, as well as the flow of energy in my body. Elysia intuitively feels exactly what you need is in that particular moment. Her reiki healing and intuition are helping me greatly to let go of old conditions and improve my health.”


april 2019

“Elysia is a very special and gifted Therapist. She connects to your inner being on a deep and insightful level. Her touch is gentle yet profound. She works sensitively, intuitively and effectively to release your physical and energetic blockages. I highly recommend her healing treatments.”

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